Thanks for visiting our home pest services. Big Chino Pest Control provides the most effective pest eradication services to Chino and the surrounding area. Quite a few of our customers only want a single pest treatment. We modify our treatment for your personal pest needs. Even so if you require a pest maintenance plan to keep the insects away all year long, we can also do that!

It doesn’t matter if your family is being bothered by mice, ants, spiders, bees, or some other pest, our exterminators are eager to protect you and your family. Typically, pests prefer to be undetectable during wintertime. On many occasions, they find shelter inside of your own home. That’s the reason spring and summer bring more insects. The bugs and critters remove themselves from hiding and get in the way once it gets warmer.

During the past few months we’ve been taking a lot of phone calls from Chino residents about spiders, fleas, bed bugs, and bees. Bed bugs can prove complicated to eradicate, so it’s unfortunate that bed bugs seem to be on the rise. We’ve also received a large number of requests for termite problems in the past few weeks. Termites often invade homes without being noticed and remain unnoticed while they eat your property.

We assume that keeping your home safe is mission critical. Our exterminators take your family’s safety very seriously and will make sure the area remains safe even as we treat it.

If you’re someone that dislikes pests, then we strongly recommend our quarterly pest control service. We will visit your home quarterly to treat it with the goal of creating a barrier to keep pests out.

Should you see a pest between your regular treatments, call our front desk and they will send a technician out to take care of it. If you are a person who can’t stand pests, this really is the most suitable and affordable plan. Just pick up the phone and give our Chino pest control technicians a phone call at (909) 525-4504 today and we will be glad to go over your alternatives and assist you in any way possible!